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Mable Originals is inspired by the grandmother of our founder Leslie Murphy. Growing up in a family of sharecroppers during the Great Depression, Grandmother Mable had an enveloping presence filled with immense love, creativity and originality. As a fiery free-spirit, she danced through life delivering sweetness with a side of salt and strength with a side of softness. 

Living an uncomplicated life of simplicity and curiosity, Mable took inspiration from even the seemingly uninspired. She was rooted in her will, kindness and sense of steadfastness. Both heavy and light, raw and real, stoic and approachable, Mable was all of the elements at their very best. And of all of her passions in life, Mable treasured her time with her granddaughter Leslie. Together, they explored the power of growth through everyday activities such as picking blackberries, making cobblers, and planting flowers. It was through these simple acts of witnessing grand transformations that shaped Leslie allowing her relationship to creation to take flight.

It is through these original textiles and artwork of Leslie’s that Mable shines through. From original wallpapers to pillows to bedding and more, Mable Originals captures the fierceness of the woman who inspired the brand and the expansiveness of the woman who created it.