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Creativity + Collaboration

Our process of creation is fundamental to delivering the most alluring, rare and inspiring elements to you and your environment. By working with talented local artists, we bring you a collection of one-of-a-kind textiles derived from original art and transformed into wallpapers, bedding, pillows and beyond. 

Birthed out of our desire to create, Mable elevates our work within the interior design space and allows us to better serve our clients with customizable options from upholstery to furniture that are unique to you.



Our Artists

Foundational to our ability to create, our cadre of artists represent the talented creative community of Memphis. From established gallery artists to emerging studio artists, we have partnered with the very best in every medium as we develop new collections of textiles, murals, wallpapers, giclee prints and beyond for Mable.

It is our goal through these partnerships to create environments that spark joy, indulge comfort and stimulate inspiration from where you dwell in daily life.

Meet our Artists
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Behind Mable

Mable Originals is inspired by the grandmother of our founder Leslie Murphy. A self-taught artist herself, Grandmother Mable had an enveloping presence filled with immense love, creativity and originality.

It was through witnessing grand transformations that shaped Leslie allowing her relationship with creation to take flight.
It is through these original textiles and artwork of Leslie’s that Mable shines through. From original wallpapers to pillows to bedding and more, Mable Originals captures the fierceness of the woman who inspired the brand and the expansiveness of the woman who created it.